Certification of Education Quality

International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS) provided certification help ensure that educational institutions and training providers are delivering a modern curriculum that is valued and recognised by the ever-globalised and interrelated educational industry. The central aim of the INTEAS certification procedure is to evaluate and certify the quality of the programs provided by the institution. Learners and students taking INTEAS-certified programmes and courses develop essential skills that are valued, relevant and transferable.

INTEAS certification of educational quality is valid for four years but can be shorter as the institution needs. Then we re-certify it. As a part of a complete renewal of an individual’s certification, it is common for the individual to show evidence of continued learning.

Certification Benefits

Acquiring institutional INTEAS certification is essentially available for any institution that offers education and desires to both to prove and improve the quality it provides.

. Certification creates the impetus for relevancy of faculty, programs, and courses to best serve students.

. External advisory committees learn the importance of the certified institution.

. Certification provides a sense of pride within the business faculty and staff.

. Certification offers acceptance of the ability to serve community stakeholders.

. The growth of certification programs is also a reaction to the changing employment market.


An educational institution devoted to teaching and research in management that is in accordance with a quality management system. With available human, physical and financial resources for the achievement of its objectives, and has standards of excellence. For a certification from INTEAS, the following evidence is needed: –

. Documentation concerning the educational institution

. Proof of the implemented quality management system

. Quality management procedural documentation

. Copy of the quality management manual

. External inspections or audit report records

. Proof that the institution will fulfill INTEAS standards

INTEAS Certification is based on a easy-to-follow fee structure that includes all the different steps of the certification process in the same manner as the accreditation process.



The total fee includes application and institutional peer review certification fees. See details on our page on quotes. 



The annual fee covers membership services and helps to promote INTEAS around the globe.



The certification lasts four years. Then institutions need to apply for a new re-certification.



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