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Certification of Education Quality

International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS) provides certification help ensure that educational institutions and training providers are delivering a modern curriculum that is valued and recognised by the ever-globalised and interrelated educational industry. The central aim of the INTEAS certification procedure is to evaluate and certify the quality of the programs provided by the institution. Learners and students taking INTEAS-certified programmes and courses develop essential skills that are valued, relevant and transferable.

Welcome to the world of quality education! At the International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS), we are committed to ensuring that educational institutions and training providers deliver a modern curriculum that is recognized and valued in the ever-globalized and interconnected educational industry. Our certification process is designed to evaluate and certify the quality of programs provided by institutions, ensuring that learners and students gain essential skills that are relevant, transferable, and highly valued.

Why Choose INTEAS for Education Quality Certification?

  • Worldwide Recognition: INTEAS certification is globally recognized, providing your institution with international recognition and enhancing your reputation as a provider of quality education.
  • Valued and Relevant Programs: INTEAS certification ensures that the programs offered by your institution are valued and relevant in today’s educational landscape, meeting the needs of learners and students in a rapidly changing world.
  • Transferable Skills: Students taking INTEAS-certified programs develop essential skills that are transferable across industries and sectors, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in their careers.
  • Validity and Renewal: INTEAS certification is valid for four years, with the option for shorter durations based on the institution’s needs. We also offer a complete renewal process that includes evidence of continued learning, ensuring that the certification remains up-to-date and relevant.
  • Quality Assurance: Our certification process involves rigorous evaluation of the quality of programs offered by institutions, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of education and training.
  • Professional Development: INTEAS certification encourages and promotes continued professional development among educators and trainers, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Industry Recognition: INTEAS certification demonstrates your institution’s commitment to quality education, making it a valuable marketing tool and enhancing your institution’s competitive advantage in the industry.

Join the league of educational institutions and training providers that prioritize quality and excellence. Choose INTEAS for education quality certification and let us help you showcase the value and recognition of your programs to the world!

Certification Benefits

Experience the Benefits of INTEAS Certification for Your Institution

At INTEAS, we understand the importance of quality education in today’s competitive landscape. Our certification process is designed to help institutions prove and improve the quality of education they provide, offering a wide range of benefits that enhance relevancy, pride, and recognition within the educational community.

Here are some of the key benefits of acquiring INTEAS certification for your institution:

  • Relevancy: INTEAS certification creates the impetus for relevancy of faculty, programs, and courses, ensuring that they are aligned with the latest educational trends and best practices. This helps your institution stay updated and better serve the needs of students, keeping your education offerings relevant and valuable.
  • Recognition: External advisory committees recognize the importance of certification, as it signifies your institution’s commitment to quality education. INTEAS certification enhances your institution’s reputation and recognition within the educational community, positioning it as a leader in providing high-quality education.
  • Pride and Motivation: INTEAS certification instills a sense of pride and motivation among your business faculty and staff, as it validates their efforts in delivering quality education. It boosts their morale and motivation, resulting in improved performance and outcomes for your institution.
  • Community Stakeholder Acceptance: INTEAS certification demonstrates your institution’s ability to serve community stakeholders, including employers, students, and parents. It enhances their confidence in your institution’s quality of education and increases acceptance of your institution within the community.
  • Response to Employment Market: The growth of certification programs is a strategic response to the changing employment market. INTEAS certification equips your institution with the necessary tools and resources to meet the evolving needs of the job market and prepare students for successful careers.


Eligibility for INTEAS Certification: A Testament to Excellence in Education

To be eligible for INTEAS certification, your educational institution must be devoted to teaching and research in management, in accordance with a quality management system. It should have available human, physical, and financial resources to effectively achieve its objectives and maintain standards of excellence in education.

To provide the necessary evidence for INTEAS certification, your institution should be prepared to provide the following documentation:

  • Documentation concerning the educational institution: This includes relevant information about your institution, such as its mission, vision, history, organizational structure, and legal status. It provides an overview of your institution’s background and context.
  • Proof of the implemented quality management system: Your institution should demonstrate the implementation of a quality management system that encompasses all aspects of its operations, including curriculum development, faculty qualifications, student services, and administrative processes. This proof should highlight the systematic approach your institution takes towards quality assurance.
  • Quality management procedural documentation: Your institution should provide procedural documentation that outlines the processes and procedures followed to ensure quality in various aspects of education delivery. This includes policies, guidelines, standard operating procedures, and other relevant documentation that showcases your institution’s commitment to quality management.
  • Copy of the quality management manual: Your institution should provide a copy of the quality management manual, which serves as a comprehensive guide to the quality management system in place. This manual should provide details on the policies, procedures, and processes followed by your institution to achieve and maintain quality standards.
  • Proof that the institution will fulfill INTEAS standards: Your institution should provide evidence that it meets or exceeds the standards set by INTEAS for quality in education. This may include performance data, student outcomes, faculty qualifications, and other relevant information that demonstrates your institution’s commitment to excellence.

INTEAS certification is a testament to the excellence of your educational institution and requires robust documentation to demonstrate your institution’s commitment to quality in education. Partner with INTEAS to showcase your institution’s dedication to excellence and join the league of globally recognized and accredited educational institutions.

Quality of Institution

INTEAS Certification is based on an easy-to-follow fee structure that includes all the different steps of the certification process in the same manner as the accreditation process.

Choose INTEAS certification for your institution and experience the numerous benefits it brings, including relevancy, recognition, pride, community stakeholder acceptance, and alignment with the changing employment market. Join the league of institutions that prioritize quality education and partner with INTEAS for certification that signifies excellence!


The total fee includes application and institutional peer review certification fees. See details on our page on quotes.


The annual fee covers membership services and helps to promote INTEAS around the globe.


The certification lasts four years. Then institutions need to apply for a new re-certification.

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