The fee for accreditation varies depending on the inspection size. The minimum price of the application and inspection fees: 300 USD (conditionally waivable)

Prices related to Accreditation
Institutional Accreditation 5000 USD depending on the size of the institution
Annual fee: 1000 USD
Program accreditation 1000 USD
Course Accreditation 250 USD
Course participant certificate 60 USD

Prices related to the Certification of quality
Application fee: $300
Institutional peer review certification fee: $2000
Annual fee: $500
Re-certification fee: $2000


Personal awards
Distinguished Professorship 800 USD
Certified Author/Researcher 900 USD
Honorary Professorship 1100
Adjunct Professorship Award 1000
Academic Member 1000
Honorary Fellowship 1000
Honorary Doctorate 1200
President’s Award (year): US$1,800
Other personal awards prices US$600

Personal certificates and memberships
Certified Manager Award 350
Certified Educator Award 350
Certified Engineer Award 350
Fellow Membership 600
Certification Degree Level Lifetime
Adjunct Instructor Less than Bachelor’s $300
Certified Teacher Bachelor’s degree Holder $350
Master Teacher Master’s degree Holder $450
Distinguished Professor Doctorate Degree Holder $500
Academic Dean Doctorate Degree Holder $700
Honorary Professor Doctorate Degree Holder $1,000

Additional Shipping fee applies concerning your location

Our primary focus is to offer an opportunity for every teaching professional, institution, and company worldwide to compete and prove as a leader in the education industry.

Accreditation is a quality assurance process that colleges, universities and education institutions or programs undergo to confirm that they meet a strict and coherent set of service and operational standards.

The importance of accreditation is that it creates a set of quality standards for all education institutions and maintains educational quality.

INTEAS Accreditation

Our institutional or specialized professional programmatic accreditation focuses on professional degree aspects of program, school or intuitions academic field of study such as business management education or education, among others.

The Key Points

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Inspire confidence in your organization’s education activities.

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Apply to have your education organization accredited to deliver programmes for our professional quality assessment.


Our accreditation and certification is comprehensive – assessing your institutions, course materials. It ensures your institution to providing exemplary education.

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Accredited status from INTEAS – students can be confident in the standard of education your institution will provide

Benefits of Accreditation

The INTEAS accreditation is an important recognition because it gives the assurance to the public, in particular to prospective students, that you, as an education provider, meet quality educational standards in the global market.

. The benefits of accreditation are that INTEAS monitors, assess and evaluates the standards and quality of the university or education institution or program.

. Accreditation provides a sense of pride within the management institutions and staff when INTEAS have validated a program.

. Accreditation experience boosts self-esteem when teaching in study programs.

. Accreditation creates the impetus for relevancy of faculty, programs, and courses to best serve employers.


INTEAS Accreditation Principles:

  1. Institution-Focused: INTEAS accreditation is an international quality standard that focuses on the entire institution, including schools, colleges, institutes, universities, training organizations, and distance and online learning providers.
  2. Comprehensive Accreditation: INTEAS accreditation encompasses all aspects of the institution, including quality, resources, student support, and ethics, providing students with a realistic picture of how the institution operates.
  3. Degree Accreditation: INTEAS accredits professional degrees, subject to the regulatory framework, offering institutions worldwide the opportunity to have their programs recognized for their quality and standards.
  4. Independent Accreditation: INTEAS program accreditation is independent of institutional accreditation, providing a separate evaluation of the quality and standards of individual programs offered by the institution.
  5. Discount Models: INTEAS offers various discount models for program accreditation to institutions with a valid INTEAS institutional accreditation, providing incentives for institutions to maintain high-quality standards across all their programs.
  6. Ethical Standards: INTEAS accreditation emphasizes ethics and requires institutions to adhere to ethical principles in their educational practices, ensuring that students receive an education that meets high ethical standards.
  7. Regulatory Compliance: INTEAS accreditation is subject to regulatory frameworks, ensuring that accredited institutions comply with relevant regulations and guidelines in their respective regions or countries.
  8. Continuous Improvement: INTEAS encourages institutions to engage in continuous improvement by regularly evaluating their programs, faculty, and administrative staff, and maintaining high standards of quality in education.
  9. Student-Centric: INTEAS accreditation focuses on providing students with access to quality education, resources, and support services, ensuring that their educational needs and goals are met effectively by the accredited institutions.

Accreditation Fees

INTEAS Accreditation is based on a easy-to-follow fee structure that includes all the different steps of the accreditation process.

INTEAS Initial Fees


The accreditation fee structure consists of the following fees:

Application Fee: $300

Peer Review Fee: $5000

Annual fee: $1000

Please note those applicant institutions are also required to cover travel and accommodation for the Peer Review Team members.
INTEAS Yearly Fees


Subject to the regulatory framework INTEAS accredits professional degrees. Institutions may apply for program accreditation independently from institutional accreditation. 

Fee: $1000

INTEAS Reapply Fees


The accreditation provided for each institution lasts for 4 years. Once this period is over, institution members are required to apply for re-accreditation, with the costs being $5000 Plus travel and accommodation for the Peer Review Team members visiting the institution.


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