Course Quality Evaluation

Welcome to the world of quality education! At the International Education Accreditation Society (INTEAS), we are dedicated to recognizing and endorsing the highest standards of education worldwide. Our course evaluation system provides quality endorsement to courses offered by accredited training institutes, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions that meet the requirements of INTEAS for INTEAS Continuing Professional Development (INTEAS CPD) points.

Why Choose INTEAS for Course Quality Evaluation?

  • Worldwide Recognition: Our accreditation is globally recognized, providing your institution with international recognition and enhancing your reputation as a provider of quality education.
  • Branded Certificates: Once INTEAS evaluates your course, your institution may issue certificates branded with the prestigious INTEAS logo, displaying the INTEAS Validated Logo and a unique INTEAS Certificate ID, showcasing the quality of your course.
  • Focus on Quality: Our quality assessment process focuses on course contents, duration, teaching staff, and student resources, ensuring that your course meets the highest quality education standards.
  • Ongoing Monitoring: Accredited providers are regularly monitored to ensure that students continue to receive excellent service and that the quality of the course is maintained over time.
  • Professional Standards: INTEAS accreditation raises the professional standards of the education and training industry, providing a positive marketing opportunity for your institution.
  • Eligibility for Membership/Certified Awards: Formal accreditation of courses by INTEAS not only recognizes the quality of outstanding courses but also provides eligibility for membership/certified awards for graduates who have completed INTEAS-evaluated courses.
Course quality certificate

We encourage educational providers to submit their courses for quality assessment and join the league of accredited institutions. If you are interested in getting your course(s) accredited by INTEAS, please contact us at with your course details in Word Format. Let us help you showcase the quality of your education to the world!

The application process for course evaluation is much more straightforwrd than the accreditation process. Do not hesitate and contact us to start the application process so you can also offer courses certified by INTEAS for their quality.

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