We are proud to offer a distinguished selection of awards to recognize and honor exceptional individuals in the field of academia. Our awards, including Honorary Memberships, Fellow Memberships, Academic Memberships, Certified Titles, President’s Awards, and Education Management Experts, are designed to celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding educators, researchers, professors, and academic leaders from around the world.

Recipients of our awards will receive prestigious recognition and may choose to showcase their accomplishments by displaying our certified logos and titles, such as Honorary Professor, Distinguished Professor, Certified Researcher, and Senior Commissioner, on their websites, brochures, CVs, and business cards. Our awards are a symbol of excellence in education and a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of awardees in their respective fields.

We invite institutions and individuals to nominate deserving candidates for our awards, or to apply for the awards themselves. Nominees and applicants will be evaluated based on criteria such as creativity, enterprise, innovation, leadership, repute, responsibility, service, and influence and contribution (please submit a current CV and a 1-page letter outlining their contributions to higher education). Awardees will also receive a lifetime membership to our organization and may choose to provide a personal profile for publication on our website, further enhancing their visibility and networking opportunities.

Our awards, such as the Outstanding Achievement Award, Global Education Leader, Innovation in Education Awardee, Lifetime Achievement Award, Rising Star in Academia, and International Education Ambassador, are a testament to the commitment to excellence in education and research. We are honored to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of those who have made significant contributions to the field of academia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your achievements and be recognized for your outstanding work in the field of education. Contact us at for more information on how to nominate a deserving candidate or apply for our prestigious awards, including our esteemed Honorary Memberships, Certified Titles, and Education Management Experts. Let us celebrate your excellence in academia together!

List of Awards:

  1. Honorary Member
  2. Individual Member
  3. Fellow Member
  4. Academic Membership
  5. Certified Manager
  6. Certified Educator
  7. Certified Engineer
  8. Distinguished Professor
  9. Certified Researcher
  10. Honorary Professor
  11. Adjunct Professor
  12. Honorary Academician
  13. Honorary Fellow
  14. Honorary Doctorate
  15. President’s Award (year)
  16. Education Management Expert
  17. Senior Commissioner
  18. Outstanding Achievement Award
  19. Global Education Leader
  20. Innovation in Education Awardee
  21. Excellence in Research Award
  22. Lifetime Achievement Award
  23. Rising Star in Academia
  24. International Education Ambassador
  25. Academic Pioneer Award
  26. Visionary Leader in Education
  27. Research Excellence Award
  28. Outstanding Educator Award
  29. Professional Achievement Award
  30. Education Trailblazer Award
  • Peer Review

    Once formal paperwork has been submitted to INTEAS, conduct an intensive review of the prepared materials, the written report and the general workings of the university or institution

  • Examination

    After the previous steps are completed, INTEAS calls upon their commission to review the collected information and affirm certification status for the university or institution.


    By accepting certification status from INTEAS, a university or other institution agrees to uphold the quality standards set by the INTEAS.



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