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Elevate Your Institution’s Quality with INTEAS Accreditation

INTEAS Accreditation Committee offers specialized institutional accreditation for post-secondary programs, providing graduates with a strong educational foundation and worldwide recognition in their relevant industry. It also endorses Course quality.

INTEAS accredits a wide range of educational institutions, including schools, academies, colleges, institutes, research institutes, universities, and other secondary or tertiary education providers. Our accreditation services also extend to training organizations, consultancy companies, and technical and vocational education providers, ensuring a comprehensive accreditation process.

Institutional accreditation involves a comprehensive inspection of a university’s internal quality assurance system and a meticulous review of its study programs. Each higher education institution is entrusted with the responsibility of continuously improving the quality of its teaching and research tasks. Our accreditation scheme serves as a mark of distinction, helping institutions achieve and maintain international standards of excellence. All accredited institutions must undergo our stringent Continuous Perfection Evaluation process every year to ensure they are upholding the highest standards of quality.

The INTEAS Accreditation Committee is committed to upholding the highest standards of education and quality assurance. Our experienced team reviews various aspects of institutions, including curriculum, student satisfaction, e-learning platform, website, promotional materials, and key staff credentials, to ensure excellence in education.

To achieve INTEAS Accreditation, your institution will go through a rigorous review process, including a website and documentary inspection, followed by detailed feedback on your application’s status. Exceptional institutions may receive premier institution status, recognizing their outstanding achievements.

INTEAS also offers a range of prestigious membership levels on individual or organization levels. 



Pride and Motivation


Streamlined Process for INTEAS Accreditation

Once you submit your application, our team will send you an invoice for the inspection fee, which may be waived for institutions already accredited by other agencies. Upon payment, you will become our Accreditation Candidate and receive a Candidacy Accredited Logo (which will expire if full accreditation is not achieved). We strive to provide timely processing, with a turnaround time of several weeks, assuming no payment delays.

If your institution is eligible for full accreditation, we will send you an invoice for the accreditation fee. Upon payment, you will receive an Accredited Logo and Accreditation Certificate and Report in digital format via email, showcasing your institution’s achievement of INTEAS accreditation.


Showcase Your Institution’s Prestige with INTEAS Accreditation

As an INTEAS-accredited institution, you will receive an INTEAS Accredited Logo that can be prominently displayed on your website, official documents, and promotional materials, serving as a symbol of your institution’s commitment to excellence in education. The accreditation certificate and report further validate your institution’s achievement and can be used for promotional purposes.

Additionally, your institution will have the opportunity to be listed on our website’s List of Accredited Institutions, subject to INTEAS needs, enhancing your institution’s global recognition. With our extensive network of recognitions, your institution will gain considerable advantages and opportunities for collaboration with other organizations and professional bodies, further elevating your institution’s prestige and reputation.


Achieve Global Recognition of Quality with INTEAS Accreditation

INTEAS accreditation signifies that your institution has achieved high professional and academic performance standards in international higher education, and is dedicated to continuous improvement. Our accreditation benchmark seal enhances the credibility and trustworthiness of online education providers, based on accurate and peer-respected supervision and compliance. As a leader in school evaluation and accreditation worldwide, we provide exceptional international accreditation that focuses on developing students as global citizens. Additionally, with the increasing importance of academic credential evaluation due to globalization, INTEAS can help you evaluate your domestic degree education to the equivalent US degree if required, through our trusted partners.


Streamlined Application Process for INTEAS Accreditation

Before the evaluation process begins, educational institutions applying for accreditation to INTEAS must pay the accreditation fee once the Accreditation Committee confirms their eligibility. If interested, please fill out the accreditation application form for a preliminary review. Then self-evaluation questionnaire needs to be filled and submitted and on-site visit is planned.

The Accreditation Committee of INTEAS meticulously examines several inspection areas, including academic quality and integrity, teaching staff qualifications, study program delivery, student satisfaction and services, website design, and performance. Endorsing the final grades of the accreditation report, the committee awards the corresponding accreditation certificate upon achieving full accreditation. During the accredited period, there is an annual fee payable (per each year – four years of accreditation means four annual payments). In the case of reaccreditation (quad-year renewal), a reaccreditation fee must be paid, and re-evaluation may be necessary if required.

Institutions must maintain ongoing compliance with the requirements of their accrediting organization to ensure the continuation of their accreditation status. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of accreditation. Additionally, accredited institutions are permitted to display the INTEAS logo and use promotional materials to showcase their accreditation.


Gain Recognition for Meeting International Standards with INTEAS Accreditation

Upon receiving accreditation from INTEAS, you will have the opportunity to proudly display the INTEAS Accredited Logo on your website, official documents, and other marketing materials, showcasing your institution’s achievement in meeting international standards. The accreditation certificate and report provided will serve as tangible proof of your INTEAS accreditation, which can be utilized for promotion on various platforms to enhance the visibility and prestige of your institution. Your institution will also have the opportunity to be listed and promoted on the INTEAS website, increasing global recognition and reputation, based on availability and needs.


Rigorous Quality Standards and Commitment to Accreditation

While the INTEAS Accreditation Committee, similar to other accrediting agencies globally, is committed to ensuring that accredited programs maintain their level of quality and comply with INTEAS standards, it’s important to note that neither INTEAS nor its Accreditation Committee functions as a mediator for consumer complaints against institutions or programs of study. It is the responsibility of the institute to maintain the required level of quality. INTEAS operates solely as an accrediting body and is not a regulator or appellate panel for student or faculty grievances. However, our Accreditation Committee will accept and evaluate complaints against accrediting agency programs during the annual review of program conformity or reaccreditation processes if there are serious allegations that a program fails to comply with INTEAS standards.

Application and the self-evaluation forms​

To start the application process, fill out the Application form and pay the accreditation fee. The next step is to fill out the self-evaluation questionnaire (and submit additional documents we may ask you to deliver based on the character of your institution). Contact us when this phase is done or nearing completion so an on-site visit can be planned (usually within the next month or two). You should receive a final accreditation decision several weeks later. Please take a look at the Application for more details on the process.

Application Step-by-Step

Members can submit the accreditation application. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. The information you provide will help us set up a smooth transition of the accreditation process. All information stays private.


First, submit a membership application and a copy of the local accreditation license.
Once formal paperwork (application, questionnaire, and possibly other documents) has been submitted to INTEAS; it conducts an intensive review of the prepared materials, and the on-site visit is planned.


After completing the document check, INTEAS will examine the organization seeking the accreditation status (on-site visit or on a distance basis if there are any travel restrictions (e.g., COVID-19)).


After completing the previous steps, INTEAS calls upon its accreditation committee with a final report to request a final recommendation on the accreditation decision. The decision with certificates are then sent to the institution.


By accepting accreditation status from INTEAS, a university or other institution agrees to uphold the required quality standards.

INTEAS certification of course quality

Right, apart from accreditation services, INTEAS also does Course quality evaluation and endorsement:

INTEAS conducts rigorous evaluations of individual courses seeking INTEAS endorsement of their quality. Our thorough and meticulous evaluation process ensures that only the best courses receive our esteemed endorsement.

Course Quality Endorsement Evaluation (CQEE) is a rigorous assessment of Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses, and continuing education programs. Our CQEE process certifies that a program’s content and quality have been thoroughly evaluated and meet INTEAS’s exacting standards. Courses that receive our endorsement are authorized to proudly display the distinguished INTEAS logo, signifying their exceptional quality and worldwide recognition. This enables the institution to issue its certificates with INTEAS logo and seal of quality.

At INTEAS, we are committed to promoting excellence in education and providing global recognition to institutions and courses that meet our rigorous standards. Join us to be part of a distinguished community of accredited members and showcase your commitment to quality and worldwide importance.

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